Trannies Love Love Note Khmer

I blew my whistle and all my athletes came in to the high jump area they surrounded Collin and I, My captain was Lisa for the girls two gold medals in the 100m and 200m last year she earned her spot and my vice captain Sophia who got the gold in the 400m and the silver in the 200m were the girls who i had made love to the others had only been fucked. I called jason first and when he came up to me I spun him around flexed his trunk forward and spat in his ass crack and wiped it and begun to finger him as he sighed I told the rest to begin jacking off and they all had their hands in their holes the girls one more than the guys. Colin and I embraced adn our lips joined as we got into our time and alleyes were on us the class 4 had never seen me make love and didn’t blink as it was the dream of each one to one day make love to coach and not just be fucked.

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