Tittyfuck Boku wa Chiisana Succubus no Shimobe – Original Tattoo

Eve did as she was told, and as the boot lid closed and left her squashed in darkness inside the boot of the car, she overheard one of the men jokingly telling her husband that she would need to spread her legs and have her cunt flushed out with a bottle of toilet disinfectant before Rob fucked her again. She looked down between her spread thighs, and watched a dead, bloated blowfly which, in the heat of the day, had been attracted to the stinking filth of the urinal, and had drowned so that its filthy body had added to the putridness and gross abomination of the piss trough.

The men stood watching and sniggering derisively, calling her all of the most filthy, derogatory names that they could think of.

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