Pure18 Omeza ni Milk o Meshiagare | Morning Milk – Kantai collection Stepsiblings

. i push you back making you lie down, opening your towel i take your hard cock in my hand and start slowly stroking up and down, gradually increasing the pressure and the speed, i hear you moan softly and take this as my cue, i lean forwards and take your cock into my mouth, going halfway down the shaft before pulling my head back up, repeating the process a few times, gradually taking more and more in until my lips touch the base, your cock deep in my throat, turning me on so much

you moan happily and wrap your hands around my head, pushing my head down against your hard cock knowing it turns me on even more, pushing up with your hips as you feel the head pushing against the tightness of my throat, i moan gently causing vibrations to run along your shaft. the food is delicious and filling and soon our plates are more or less empty, i feel too full for dessert, not wanting to over eat and make myself sick we decide to pay the bill and make our way back to the car, once again hand

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