Her ED x WIN 4 – Fullmetal alchemist Cogida

I always liked when daddy bought me new things. On the ride home he looks at me

“Do you like Carl?” he asks

“Of course I like carl” I say confused “he’s nice to me”

“Let me rephrase, do you like Carl? Do you want him to be your boyfriend?”

“No of course not, I see him as a brother if anything” I say shocked that he would think that, “Carl doesn’t see me like that either, why would you ask that?” I start feeling annoyed

“Are you kidding me?” he growls “Carl has liked you since he saw you that first day!” at my confused look he carries on “no not as a friend, you really don’t see it? Are you really that naive? That innocent you can’t tell a boy has a thing for you?”

“Ben please,” beg feeling sad “why are you being mean?” I continue, tears welling in my eyes

“Oh god I’m sorry Jane I didn’t mean to upset you” he says pulling me to him, his arms around me and squeeze me tight “I just thought you knew”

As we get to my door he walks away looking deflated, I feel ba

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