Fresh Kanojo-tachi no Himitsu no Sasayaki – Girl friend beta Chubby

My new ‘boyfriend’ and I were shocked, thinking we had locked the door and, almost as if my husband hadn’t noticed anything, the guy jumped off me and started pulling up his slacks while I was pulling down my skirt, covering myself! I started whimpering, asking my husband to understand, that we just had way too much to drink and things had gotten out of control! There had been only one other act of infidelity on my part during our twenty years of a marriage, when I let one of the men at the office talk me into screwing him, so I thought my husband would really be upset. My pussy was tingling and I decided to take that ‘taboo’ step for a married woman, so I asked him if he would slip his penis inside me for a few seconds just so I could ‘feel’ it! He eagerly accepted my invitation, kissed me, then slid off the sofa and knelt on the floor between my legs.

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