Dick Sachiko Saimin Lesson no Maki – The idolmaster Twerk

Sucking on his cock and knot she uses one hand to fondle the dog demons balls while the dog demon behind her mounts her and after missing the first few attempts rams every inch of his cock and knot deep into her pussy and starts to rape her hard, fast and deep. Merik says Ok let’s leave her here with the two dog demons while we go back and set a trap for her to see if she really is broken , Ayame watches as both Merik and Rikimarue leave the pocket dimension and close the portal, the two dog demons bruatlly rape Ayame, their sharp claws scratch her skin every time they mount her.

Rikimarue says What do you mean? Ayame smiles and says Well master I want to be my Orc Sons personal cum dumpster but instead of just offering my body to my Son I’ll resist so he has to rape me .

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