Amateur Cum [Muchakai (Mucha)] Mako-chan Kaihatsu Nikki 2 -Netorare… Itsuwari no Shotaiken- [Chinese] [零星汉化组] [Digital] – Original Glamour

Look, I’ll call and you can just listen. “Dang, B, I ain’t fittin’ ta be meetin’ no females off no party line!” shouted Erin over the stereo that spilled out the sounds of the rapper Jay-Z. As Erin panted promising ‘Royalty’ to stick her long, fat tongue deep inside her when they met, and to taste every part of her womanhood, and to not miss one inch, ‘Royalty’ called out her name “Erin, ohhhhh, Erin…” and almost pleaded “please, let’s cum together.

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